St. John's Historic Cemetery Tomb Restoration

Photography Courtesy of Nicholls State University Design Students

For more information about tomb restoration, please download and print the instructions. Or you may contact the St. John's Episcopal Church office at 985-447-2910. The current Cemetery Warden is David Cassard, who also has information. His contact number is 985-414-3295.  

Learn About Tomb Restoration

​Old brick tombs were constructed by skilled masons with different techniques and materials from those employed today. Their restoration is an ongoing challenge. Headstones, tablets, obelisks, and slabs of marble and limestone weather and erode and must be carefully cleaned and repaired without the use of harsh chemicals. 

The 19th century live oak trees, which line the Cemetery, must be trimmed, mulched and fertilized periodically. The iron fence and posts require special repairs and replacement that few modern metalworkers appreciate. Providing an inviting and safe place for visitors means constant upkeep.

​Three major goals of the Cemetery Association are to assist in funding the maintenance, to educate the public about the special needs of St. John’s Historic Cemetery, and to continue telling its historic story.