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Military Veterans

Buried at St. John's

Conducted in April 2014, an on-the-ground survey of veterans of the military, most serving in wars of the United States, has led to the thought of providing the information to the public. This document is not complete, because the burial markers of many servicemen and women do not contain complete information. There also are a number of markers the inscriptions on which are difficult to read. It is hoped that people whose relatives and friends are buried in the Historic Cemetery will provide St. John’s Historic Cemetery Association with information to assist in completing the identity of those who were veterans.

Ancestral Information Sharing

The Historic Cemetery Association is currently conducting a survey in the St. John's Historic Cemetery of veterans who served in the military. ​A number of persons are so identified by their tomb markers, but there are many who were not identified as having served in the armed forces. 


             Information collected to date:

The information is divided into sections according to the locations of the burial places. The first section is for burials starting at the entrance gate end of the Cemetery, between the center aisle, known as Guion, and the West Seventh Street fence. The second section is for burials on the west side of Guion, between it and the West Eighth Street fence. In addition to name and inscription, the plot numbers are provided, so that interested researchers and visitors may cross reference to the Cemetery map. The third and fourth sections are for the lawn crypt, which is located in the west corner of the Cemetery, at the corner of West Eighth and Church Streets. Where possible, punctuation and spelling are as seen.

If you can help...

Please provide the church secretary with the names, birth and death dates, and military service of any veterans. This includes veterans of the War of 1812, War with Mexico 1846-1848; Civil War (in Union or Confederate forces); Spanish American War 1898; 
​WW I; WWII; Korean War; Vietnam Conflict; Desert Sandstorm (Iraq); and the more recent Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts as well as anything in between, including nurses and Coast Guard duty. The Association wishes to report these individuals in the next newsletter. St. John’s Episcopal Church Office hours may vary but commonly are Mon-Wed 9:00-Noon. Church secretary may be contacted at 985-447-2910.