St. John's Historic Cemetery Tours

  • President:  David Plater 

  • Vice President:  John Shaver                              (2017-2018 Pres. Elect)
  • ​Secretary:  Alice Strausser
  • ​Aline Barr
  • Bennie Bourgeois
  • Sue Herpel
  • Betsy Magee

StJHCA Board Members

         About the StJHCA

Approximately 100 years ago the St. John's "Cemetery Association" in Thibodaux was established. Its purpose was and is to assist financially St. John's Episcopal Church in preserving the Cemetery which was created when George Seth Guion donated the entire block of land to the new congregation in 1843. Since its beginning, the Cemetery has served as a place of beauty and peace for burials for Protestants, Roman Catholics and Jews. With its perimeter marked by live oak trees planted in the 1850's, the Cemetery furnishes a green oasis in the urban setting of Thibodaux.

The Cemetery Association operated informally until 1994 when it was incorporated as the St. John's Historic Cemetery Association, Inc. The Association Board meets quarterly, while the members meet once a year.

A National Treasure

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, St. John's Historic Cemetery is a resting place for people of various faiths and origins.